Service Model

At National Bank Independent Network, we build relationships

Our experienced team works with you to understand your needs and help your business grow and prosper, and to build strong and collaborative working partnerships.

Your Regional Relationship Manager

  • Works with you to understand your business needs and determines the best custody, trading and specialized services for your business.
  • Provides ongoing consultation on industry trends and product and service enhancements.

Your Onboarding and Training Team

  • Provide onboarding assistance from the start to ensure a seamless transition to our platform.
  • Deliver relevant and continuous training on systems, processes and trending industry topics. Learn more.

Your Dedicated Service Coordinator

  • Oversees your operational transactions and manages your day-to-day support.
  • Conducts regular meetings with your team to ensure that all your operational needs are addressed.

Your Trade Execution Team

  • Handle all your trading needs, fast and efficiently.
  • A General Execution Desk is available for personalized execution of most common security types.
  • A Block Execution Desk is provided for high touch handling of institutional equity and option orders.

Learn more about our holistic approach to relationship management, contact us