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Benefit from comprehensive training to navigate our systems and the industry

At National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), we understand that, just as there are different investment management approaches, there are different styles of learning. That’s why we created NBIN Academy. In one centralized location, you can access training in multiple formats to help you navigate NBIN systems and enhance your knowledge of the financial services industry.

Learn on your terms

NBIN Academy lets you learn on your terms:

  • Choose from online webinars, customized sessions, classroom-based training and tutorials.
  • Interact with NBIN professionals and subject matter experts to gain insights into our systems and the market.
  • Participate in presentations and seminars on industry developments.
  • Engage in classroom training on new products and procedures.

Choose from 3 fields of study

NBIN Academy offers three categories of training:

  • Core curriculum. Learn how to best use our solutions and procedures — from onboarding, to trading, to client reporting and more — so you and your team can manage client accounts as efficiently as possible.
  • Trending topics. We collaborate with knowledge experts to deliver focused sessions on topics such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Retirement Income Funds, Life Income Funds, Registered Education Savings Plans and taxation ahead of peak seasons. These include updates on the latest procedures, forms and key dates.
  • Speaker series. The financial industry and regulations are subject to constant change. When that happens, we bring in subject matter experts to clarify the situation and identify potential implications for your clients or your firm.

Our Annual Conference provides clients insight into industry trends and access to world class thought leaders. It is also a great opportunity for networking amongst peers and with National Bank and National Bank Independent Network executives.